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Climbing in Africa – for Africa

A Brackley Rotarian is undertaking a daunting climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro

Having bicycled from London to Paris for charity last year, Irene Childerley has now set her fundraising target much higher – 5,895 metres high...

Sponsorship of Brackley Rotarian Irene’s tough six-night trek is for the Brackley based ‘Friends of Mithulini Village’ charitable project, raising funds to provide clean drinking water for the village located in the Eastern Province of Kenya.

Towering over the sandy plains of Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world and Irene is scheduled to be at its 5,895m snow-capped peak on 5 February.

Irene said: “Brackley Rotary Club supports the Mithulini project and we have a target of £6,000 to fund the boring of a well and provide related equipment.”  

“The endeavor of the Nyali family in Brackley who founded ‘Friends of Mithulini Village’ has motivated me to make this trek.  Villagers in Mithulini have a one and a half hour walk to and from a river, with water being transported in containers carried by donkeys or people.”

”My Kilimanjaro route is less used than other routes, covering many terrains – rich forest, moorland, a volcanic crater, snow, glaciers and a lunar landscape with an ash cone. This camping-based trek has the danger of altitude sickness so the route has been carefully planned to maximize my chance of reaching the summit.”

“Sponsorship would be most welcome and can easily be given on-line at with the added benefit of Gift Aid.  All sponsorship will go to Mithulini – the cost of the trek being paid personally.”


Contact: Irene Childerley       

Tel: 07545 321452    


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  Climbing in Africa – for Africa



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